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Key Features Of HomeTuitionBangalore:

                   We Teach In 300+ Locations
We provide tutors at your doorstep according to your convenience! You can decide the location, time and day, and we will send a teacher.  
Locations covered: 300+ locations in Bangalore
Day: All days ( You can choose from 3 days/week and 5 days/week)
Time: At any time of the day (from 7 AM onwards to 9 PM)

Currently, we are providing home tutoring service in more than 300 locations in Bangalore. No matter in which area of the city you are living, we can send our teachers on scheduled day and time.  

For Home Tutors, Please Call Us: 77-950-950-50/ 9036030904

                The Syllabuses We Teach
Pupils in Bangalore have different syllabuses to choose. Each syllabus has different textbooks for the same subject. Even subjects differ in many ways. For Instance, Maths in 9th grade of CBSE syllabus may not be same as IGCSE. Thus, it requires a different approach to making pupil understand about the concepts of the curriculum.

Our expert teachers can teach: 
 IGCSE syllabuses. 

For Home Tutors, Please Call Us: 77-950-950-50/ 9036030904

               Our Offered Tuition Packages
You have an opportunity to choose tutor and syllabus. What’s next!!! What about a reasonable tuition package for study at home 

As a responsible company, we have endeavoured to meet the requirements of our valuable customers. We are constantly working to match with the expectation of clients. Hence, we have introduced three different teaching packages which suit your budget!! These are specially designed bearing in mind the duration of the entire service period.
The duration of quarterly, half yearly and yearly packages are 3 months, 6 months and 1 year respectively. 

During our service period, we pay particular attention to academic growth of student. If a client shows the wish of changing the package …... we do it wholeheartedly.

    You Can Select Tutor For Your Child 
Today, having experience in the teaching field is not enough. Instructor must be able to understand the child psychology. Tutors must be able to connect with student, create engaging lessons, enhance their grasping power and blossom them into a bright individual.  

Thus, considering the capabilities of the student…. you can select the teacher. We will send the demo teacher for taking tuition class in compliance with your demand. We do the teacher replacement on your wish without charging any fees.

These qualified instructors help pupils in:
a.    Home Work
b.    Regular Study 
c.    Exam Preparation
d.    Projects

At present, we have more than 10,000 registered teachers. Many of them are conducting classes in famous schools of Bangalore like Delhi Public School, Bishop Cotton School, Ryan International School and Kumarans. 

                    We Cater To  K-12 Group
The segments of students we cater vary from K-12 group to pupil pursuing higher studies. At school level we take classes of primary, secondary and higher classes (1st to 12th).
Our pool of trained teachers is qualified in various fields of teaching. Several of them have completed post graduate and Ph.D degrees. 
They are master in their own filed and can teach to the students of school level, PUC, Degree and Engineering.

                 1.5 Hrs. of Daily Tuition 
HomeTuitionBangalore understands the modern students. They need the time to study, to relax and to do other things. Considering the comfort of students, our teachers take tuition classes for 1.5 hrs for 3 days or 5 days in a week. 

We take classes on weekends and weekdays. Depending upon the number of subjects for which student wants to take lessons from us, you can decide the number of days. 

Snap Shot
a.  Per session - 1.5 hrs of Class
b.  For 3 days or 5 days per Week
c.  On weekends or weekdays

Subject Covered:
Maths, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, English, Kannada, Hindi, Geography, Economics, Computers, Accounts, History, Sanskrit, Business, Commerce, Environmental Science, Psychology, Social Science,  etc. 

                                                                                                                 Assistance to Students  
Home Tuition is not an alienated term in Bangalore anymore. Every parent desires to see their child excelling in academics. Earlier people considered hiring a tutor for study from home as a sign of inability of the student to cope with academic lessons. However, at present scenario the old myth has been broken. Now it is seen as a technique to guide schoolers on ‘how to improve the learning methods to achieve excellent grades.' And we assist the students to achieve what they really deserve i.e. good scores. We provide educational support to pupils at competitive price.

    Benefits of our one-on-one tutoring classes:
  • Personalized attention
  • Excellent home tutors
  • Online Study Materials
  • Regular feedback to parents on performance of student.

For Home Tutors in Bangalore, please call us: 77-950-950-50/  9036030904

Teacher Profile, Interviews and Customer Reviews: 

                  Teacher's Profile 
   Tutor of the Month 

Name: Mary Christina
Location in Bangalore:  Jayamahal
English, Kannada, Hindi, Maths, Science and Social.
Langauges Known: English, Kannada, and Hindi.
Can Teach: Upto 7th all subjects & 12th English, Kannada, Economics & Psychology.
Highest Qulification: B.A.

We have thousands of teachers in Bangalore who teach students from top most schools. Our highly qualified tutors are extremely passionate about teaching. Whatever home Tuition you might be seeking in Bangalore, may it be maths or science,  you will always be benefited by our services. To view our teacher's profile, please click HERE.

Tutor's Interview 
                 Testimonials from our Satisfied Customers
"The reviews and ratings of Eon Education in Just Dial led me to purchase their service for my daughter. It was worth every penny. Very punctual and sincere teacher. The backend support team was excellent. Their quality team relentlessly followed to  ensure that tutoring is going on fine. Next academic season too, I will go for Eon Education's Tuition service. "

Ashok Hiremath
Father of home tuition student "Niharika"
8th ICSE, BTM Layout

For more customer reviews, please click HERE

Parent's Interview
In our Home Tutorials program, we match a highly qualified home tutor in Bangalore with a student requiring tuition. This results into productive tutoring sessions and satisfied customers. 
         For Home Tutors in Bangalore, Please Call Us: 77-950-950-50/  9036030904

 Are You Looking For Qualified Tutors?

For Home Tutors in Bangalore, Please Call Us: 77-950-950-50/  9036030904
  • Does your child struggle in academics? 
  • Do you feel he/she needs more scores on test results and improvement in overall performance?
  • Have you ever considered changing school of your child due to poor grades? 
  • Do you think your child is brilliant but needs little more improvement?

We are one of the largest Home Tuition Company in Bangalore. Through our service you are about to find the best tutors for ‘After School Learning’. Our continuous support helps in enhancing the academic grades and overall development of your child. Imagine an experienced tutor coming to your place to teach your child.  Isn'’t it wonderful!!!!!!

We are fortunate to have helped thousands of students in scoring good marks and bringing a smile on their faces. We know, as a parent how important it is to select the right tutor. Whether your child is in primary school or about to take a big step to secondary level, we put best effort to support you. Our well qualified teachers are motivators. They set a beautiful learning environment and apply right teaching strategies to teach the pupils.  

Our talented tutors visit student's home and teach them one and half to two hours daily. This involves helping students in homework, helping in projects and assisting our home tuition students in regular studies. During the tuition sessions, we help students to come up with a strategy for exams. We relentlessly strive towards improving the results of the students who have sought our tuition program.

Testimonials From Our Satisfied Customers

For Home Tutors in Bangalore, please call us: 77-950-950-50/  9036030904


For us, every child is special. In spite of the differences in their grasping power, behaviour and learning we take special care of their academic growth. Each child performs differently, hence, it is wrong to compare them with one another. Some are average on studies, some are brilliant, and some need extra attention. Home Tuition has become the need of the hour. Even if the child is superb in lessons, parents have to think for tuition providing agency to maintain the performance quality of their beloved one. However, for weak students it is a matter of scoring good marks. 

Bangalore is dotted with companies that provide educational aid to pupil. In the crowd of these institutions, we are withstanding as the number one choice of parents in the city. The reason is our sincere effort to deliver the best. We screen teachers, provide training and recruit them at place of tutees. Tutors are trained to improve the self-reliance in students. They give extra attention to week student, and work towards enhancing the learning skills and performance.

However, the best part of our education service is personalized relationship that allows parental involvement as well. Parents receive regular feedback from the institution on student’s behaviour and performance. Similarly, institute takes regular feedback from them as well to know whether the student is progressing academically or not. We keep updating clients with regular emails, SMSs and phone calls. Another feature of attendance monitoring of teachers also assists us in checking the quality of our service. 

For Home Tutors in Bangalore, Please Call Us: 
77-950-950-50/  9036030904
Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance.
                                                                                       - Will Durant